Nomen est omen. In the next show we are fucus­sing on art made with sten­cils. The tech­ni­que which was intro­du­ced in the art world by Blek le Rat and made extre­me­ly popu­lar by infa­mous Bank­sy is used by many exci­ting artists who hit the street with the inter­ven­ti­ons every day.

In this issue of the STENCILS ONLY show we are hap­py to pre­sent new pie­ces from FAKE, Guy Denn­ning, Jana&JS, kurz­nach­zehn, L.E.T., Mon­key­bird, Otto Scha­de and seileise.


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02.12.22 – 10.02.23
Ver­nis­sa­ge 02.12., 7 – 10pm @iamfake @guy_denning@janaundjs @kurznachzehn @l.e.t._les.enfants.terribles@monkeybirdcrew @otto_schade @seileise